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Seasonal Supplies

We still have some winter weather to look forward to.

Stop by and stock up!

Sleds & Snow Disks

Be ready for the next snow with
Plastic Sleds & Disks

Flexible Flyer Sleds

Or you can go for the original
Flexible Flyer Sled

Bird Houses

Give your feathered friends a dry home with a new
Bird House

Black Oil Sunflower Seed

Feed your feathered residents with our
Black Oil Sunflower Seed

Squirrel Deterrent Feeders & Suet

Furry felons stealing your bird seed? Try our
Squirrel Deterrent Bird Feeds & Hot Pepper Suet

Pet-Friendly Ice Melt

Be kind to your four-footed friends and neighbors with
Pet-Friendly Ice Melt

Snow Shovels

There is more than one type of snow; you may need more than one type of
Snow Shovel

Radiator Style Portable Electric Heather

Keep the cold spots in your home warm with this safe
Radiator Style Portable Electric Heater

Safety Gas and Kerosene Cans

Store your gasoline and kerosene safely in these
Type 1 Safety Rated Gas & Kerosene Cans